What Myles Is All About 


It all started when…

Myles grew up living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). He was bounced around in the foster system until he was 3 years old, when he was eventually adopted by the Himmelreich’s. His mother drank alcohol when she was pregnant and this caused Myles to be born with brain damage, and many other health and sensory issues related to that prenatal alcohol exposure. Myles suffered from attachment disorder at a very young age, all this combined would present itself as behaviours. Growing up wasn’t the easiest for him and in his early teen years he eventually turned to alcohol, drugs, and poor peer relationships to fill a void within himself. He ended with without a home, and became dependant on alcohol, when all he really needed was a break. He eventually was asked to share his story with others and he found his voice and his passion for public speaking about his past traumas. Instead of becoming a victim Myles has rose above, become sober, and spent the past 10+ years travelling the world sharing his strategies, tools and life experiences with audiences. He has changed many lives by sharing his story and the strategies he uses to cope, to help support individuals living with disabilities. He has trained doctors, law enforcement, teachers, parents, caregivers and community members the importance of understanding that behaviours are most always brought on by a sensory, processing or executive functioning issue. If we can help alter an individuals environment we will see behaviours improve. Myles hopes this will help audiences to see the world differently and in turn see individuals with disabilities in a new light.


what he has to offer

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Disabilities Consultant

  • Researcher

  • Mentor

  • Advocate

  • Media Spokesperson

  • Author

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